Get Expert Insight into Your Metrics.

Learn where your website traffic comes from.

We have powerful analytics tools and knowledgeable experts ready to help you.

Call Us +1 (818) 357-5727


Learn where your website traffic comes from.

We have powerful analytics tools and knowledgeable experts ready to help you.

Call Us +1 (818) 357-5727

CalifaNet’s Analytics Services

Data Analytics

is the science and art of discovering and interpreting meaningful patterns from uncollated data. Effective decision making concerning your online brand is impossible without the benefit of analytics. In other words, web analytics services find patterns in data to help people make decisions. Making a decision without truly knowing the data is a sure way to commit an error. Therefore, understanding analytics is critical to the success and health of every web page.

Our analytics experts help you optimize your business presence on search engines and marketing on social media, bringing more customers to your digital doorstep. First, we collect dozens of statistics for all of your users. Second, and more importantly, we interpret such statistics into a format that is meaningful to you. Unfiltered data is dense and confusing: it takes an expert to transform statistics into actionable knowledge.

Work with us and we can get started right away providing insight into your visitors’ data. Here are just a few areas in which analytics can help you:

  • Paid & Organic Search Traffic:

    Are visitors drawn in by search results pointing to your page? Would PPC advertising boost traffic to your website? Or would some sharper SEO boost your page ranking?

  • User Timings:

    Do visitors hang around your website for a while, or do they bounce right away? What parts of your website do they like best? How can you convince them to stay and hop from page to page?

  • Assisted Conversions:

    hat keeps visitors coming to your website? Do they sign up for your newsletter, read your blog, browse your store? How can we encourage visitors to click more and talk more?


Analytics / Reporting

Having loads of data alone is not very helpful. Interpreting that data, though, is the beginning of a plan to help your business grow. Our consulting services will help you make sense of your website’s traffic. This way, you can better allocate your budget to areas where your marketing return on investment is greatest. Maybe you need cleverer digital marketing, or a catchier landing page, or better overall website UX. We can tell you what draws your visitors in—and what is driving them away. Knowing that is the first step towards engaging your audience.

We Audit Your Digital Marketing Strategies 

Running a business website involves a lot of complicated machinery. It can be difficult to tell when something is not performing optimally. Knowing that almost nobody signs up for your newsletter is not the same as knowing how to convince them to do so.  

Most likely, your website gathers some data about your visitors already. Who are your customers? Where are they coming from? How long do they stay? A website manager can answer these questions without much difficulty. But there’s much more you can do with such data if you have the aid of web analytics services. Which ads do your visitors click? What catches their interest? And how can I convince them to stay and interact with my brand? Our staff can help you answer them all if you get in touch

We can audit your website to identify a wide range of issues. A digital marketing analyst will determine if your website is not just functional, but also user-friendly, engaging, and optimized for search engine traffic. Then the analyst can tell you exactly what you need to do to fix your website flaws. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Return on Investment (ROI)
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Outsourced data analysis

Free SEO Audit

Give us a webpage and a search word and we can analyze how your webpage performs for that search query, and reveal problems that might affect your page ranking.  

SEO is only a small part of digital marketing. To get the most out of your website, you will need to know exactly what your customers want and need. Contact us, and we can discuss with you the full range of options available to you to give your website a boost. 

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    Intelligent Business Consulting

    We offer a wide variety of marketing services. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), email marketing, Analytics for eCommerce, and social media analytics are some of the services we offer to our clients. Even if you’re not sure what your business needs are, we can help you find out.

    We offer a full suite of services and experts to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in operation for years: our analytics services can boost your sales and help your brand grow.

    Start Making Sense of Your Data Today.

    CalifaNet’s data analytics services are here to help your business achieve new heights of popularity. The results of our work are all over the web (visit our portfolio for a sampling of satisfied customers). Our analysts have years of experience working with businesses from all over the world.

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