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    Who Is CalifaNet?

    We are a web development and Internet marketing company based in Los Angeles. Our staff includes designers, artists, marketers, analysts, security experts … and a lot more. In short, we do everything you could want to help grow your presence online. That covers a lot of territories so let’s break it down further.

    We are a website design agency. If you’re just starting to create your online presence, we can help you craft your very first website. Or if you’ve run an eCommerce business for years but feel that it’s time for a few tweaks or re-designing your website, we can help you out there, too.

    We are also an Internet marketing agency. There are over 1.5 billion websites on the web, and it grows more crowded by the day. How do you get yourself heard? Our experts know the best ways of maximizing your marketing dollar. Digital marketing to bump your Google page rankings, building and maintaining your brand on social media, managing your mailing list and email ad campaigns, tweaking your website’s SEO to drive visitors to your door, optimizing your business website security … all these and more we can do for you.

    To summarize, our experts do everything you might need to bring your online presence to the next level. That is our goal: to help you reach your goals. We can do whatever you need us to, whether that is design you a website, organize an ad campaign, or serve as your SEO agency. If any of these sound good to you, get in touch. In the meantime, read on and you can see more of what we can offer you.

    What We Offer

    It all starts with a goal: what do you want to accomplish online? Then we collaborate with you to help you reach that goal.

    A Web Development Company with a Difference

    The backbone of anyone’s online brand is a functional, beautiful website. We pride ourselves on constructing high-performing, modern websites for business owners. Our websites feature responsive technology. That means it doesn’t matter if your user is on a five-inch smartphone, a ten-inch tablet, or a forty-inch monitor, they see a beautiful, informative website.

    • Website Design & Development
    • Responsive Design Technology
    • Performance & Speed Optimized

    An Internet Marketing Company with a Solution for You

    To get your name out there, shining bright above the teeming jungle of the Internet: that is the purpose of a digital marketing company. Otherwise your efforts, no matter how revolutionary, might be lost, totally unnoticed. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing & search engine optimization are favorite ways of getting your name out into the world, but it’s more complicated than just choosing a few keywords and letting Google do the rest. With proper planning, your website will be front and center when your ideal customer performs a search.


    Reach Your Audience on Social Media

    Do you know how many people are on social media these days? Estimates are at around 3 billion. Yes, billion with a “b.” Gone are the days where social media networks were the exclusive domain of college students. Now, if you’re not advertising on social media, you’re behind the times. Get in touch, and an Internet marketing consultant can assist you today.

    • Social Media Management Portal
    • Reputation Management
    • Paid & Organic Social Analytics

    Dropshipping: Selling without Stocking

    If you’re running an eCommerce site, or even if you just offer a few products for loyal fans to buy, you know that maintaining inventory and shipping items requires a huge outlay of time and money. What if you didn’t have to do those parts? That is the conceit behind the phenomenon known as dropshipping. You don’t keep goods in stock. Instead, you send customers’ orders to a third party, who then packages and ships directly to your buyer. That way, you can spend your time on the things you care about.

    • E-Commerce Fulfillment
    • Competition Research
    • DropShipping Store Design/Development

    Social media and search engines aren’t the only games in town. Some tech pundits say that email is a poor choice for marketing, but that is a short-sighted viewpoint. PPC ads are great for attracting new customers, but email marketing is terrific for encouraging old friends to visit again. We can help you collect addresses, craft personalized messages to draw in customers, and analyze the results of your campaigns.

    • Targeted Emails
    • Email List Segmentation
    • Real-time Analytics

    Analytics so You Can Make Smart Decisions

    Every website that operates on the web is swimming in data. Each click a visitor makes, each sale, each page visited, is a statistic that can be tracked. The difficulty, then, is how to make sense of all these statistics. Alone, they are a bewildering mass of numbers. With a CalifaNet analytics expert at your service, they are a window into what makes your customers tick.

    • Budget Planning
    • Improved ROI

    • Key Performance Indicators
    analytics services

    Security First!

    Visitors might just leave a slow website, but if malicious forces compromise your website, you can kiss your credibility goodbye. You’re a decent person trying to run an honest website, so don’t let poor security knock you out for even a second. Our security experts can protect your organization from any number of threats: DDoS attacks, SQL injection, bot-operated spammers, and any other nasty hacks you can think of.

    • Web Application Protection
    • DDoS Attack Prevention
    • Daily/Weekly External Backup

    Fast, Optimized Websites

    A beautiful website is no help if nobody sees it. Web denizens are a fickle breed. If a website takes even a few milliseconds too long … well, bye-bye, visitor. Our websites don’t lose in speed what they gain for function and appearance. This holds true for every device your visitors might use.

    • Search Engines Ranking Factor
    • Reduce Bandwidth Usage
    • Improve User Experience
    Website Speed

    Crafting & Creating Innovative Solutions

    We are a digital creative agency specializing in building ‘modern’ web applications, internet marketing, and all security solutions.

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